General Electric may look like its turned the corner, but the same problems that made it a Dow dog in all or nothing stock trade continue to haunt GE stock. GE may look like its turned the corner, but don’t be fooled! Dow Jones Stock of 2017.

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It also has the honored distinction of being the worst performing Dow Jones stock of the last ten years. In fact, if it wasn’t for dividends, GE stock’s return would have been negative. That dividend, by the way, was cut twice during that time. But as the saying goes, every dog has its day.

And, so far, GE has been on a tear in the new year. For many investors, this could signal that the old Dow dog may finally be turning a corner and getting back to business. GE has a lot of warts — including some that are more structural than a simple spin-off or asset sale will fix. While General Electric may be bouncing, the longer term picture is still pretty murky.

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GE stock seems like a new animal this year. This year, it seems like a complete reversal of fortunes. That’s an impressive gain for a stock that was knocking on death’s door. And, with that gain, many people are starting to wonder if GE stock’s worst days are behind it. For one thing, the main reason for GE’s tumble is still there. Its main businesses are starting to see some big decreases in their revenues and sales.

The biggest of which is its power business. That was General Electric’s largest industrial deal ever. On the surface, it looked good. Alstom was a huge player in gas turbines, hydro-electric energy and grid solutions. 6 billion in annual revenue. 3 billion in yearly sales. Unfortunately, none of that has actually happened.