The polity was at its height from c. 1450 BC until its destruction in c. Ugarit was important enough to be fortified with a wall early on, perhaps by 6000 BCE, though the site is thought to have been al bassam trading est earlier.

The city reached its heyday between 1800 and 1200 BC, when it ruled a trade-based coastal kingdom, trading with Egypt, Cyprus, the Aegean, Syria, the Hittites, and much of the eastern Mediterranean. Ugarit passed into the sphere of influence of Egypt, which deeply influenced its art. However, it is unclear at what time these monuments were brought to Ugarit. Ugaritic language probably has a direct Amoritic origin.

The exact dates of his reign are unknown. Thus, the country is abandoned to itself. May my father know it: the seven ships of the enemy that came here inflicted much damage upon us. By excavating the highest levels of the city’s ruins, archaeologists can study various attributes of Ugaritic civilization just before their destruction, and compare artifacts with those of nearby cultures to help establish dates. Ugarit also contained many caches of cuneiform tablets, actual libraries that contained a wealth of information.

Therefore, the date of the destruction of Ugarit is important for the dating of the LH IIIC phase in mainland Greece. 1190 BC was taken as the date for the beginning of the LH IIIC. Recent radiocarbon work indicates a destruction date between 1192 and 1190 BC. The destruction was followed by a settlement hiatus. First known Ugaritan king, known only from a damaged seal that mentions «Yaqarum, son of Niqmaddu, king of Ugarit». Second known Ugaritan king, known only from a damaged seal that mentions «Yaqarum, son of Niqmaddu, king of Ugarit».

Last known ruler of Ugarit. Ugarit is destroyed in his reign. A duck container made from hippopotamus tusk, 13th century BC. A debate exists as to whether the Phoenician or Ugaritic «alphabet» was first.

A, B, C, D, etc. Phoenician and Ugaritic systems were not wholly independent inventions. 14th through the 12th century BC. Apart from royal correspondence with neighboring Bronze Age monarchs, Ugaritic literature from tablets found in the city’s libraries include mythological texts written in a poetic narrative, letters, legal documents such as land transfers, a few international treaties, and a number of administrative lists. These texts show significant parallels to Hebrew biblical literature, particularly in the areas of divine imagery and poetic form. The discoveries at Ugarit have led to a new appraisal of the Hebrew Bible as literature. The important textual finds from the site shed a great deal of light upon the cultic life of the city.

Ugarit were divided into quarters. After its destruction in the early 12th century BC, Ugarit’s location was forgotten until 1928 when a peasant accidentally opened an old tomb while ploughing a field. Excavations have since revealed a city with a prehistory reaching back to c. The site is a sixty-five foot high mound. A brief investigation of a looted tomb at the necropolis of Minet el-Beida was conducted by Léon Albanèse in 1928, who then examined the main mound of Ras Shamra. Remains of the ancient city, some walls and what appears to be a small well. These represented a palace library, a temple library and—apparently unique in the world at the time—two private libraries, one belonging to a diplomat named Rapanu.

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Sumerian, Akkadian, Hurrian, and Ugaritic cuneiform. Unique among the texts in Ugaritic are the earliest known abecedaries, lists of letters in alphabetic cuneiform, where not only the canonical order of Hebrew-Phoenician script is evidenced, but also the traditional names for letters of the alphabet. During excavations in 1958, yet another library of tablets was uncovered. These were, however, sold on the black market and not immediately recovered. They were edited by Loren R. After 1970, succeeding Claude Schaeffer were Henri de Contenson, followed by Jean Margueron, Marguerite Yon, then Yves Calvet and Bassam Jamous, who since 2005 has held the office of Director General of Antiquities and Museums.

Walls in the city of Ugarit and remains of destroyed buildings. Its music is a series of 2-toned intervals played upon a 9-string lyre. Kaniewski D, Van Campo E, Van Lerberghe K, Boiy T, Vansteenhuyse K, et al. The Sea Peoples, from Cuneiform Tablets to Carbon Dating. The Ugaritic Baal Cycle: Volume I, Introduction with text, translation and commentary of KTU 1. A Proto-Canaanite Abecedary dating from the period of the Judges and its implications for the history of the Alphabet», Tel Aviv 4:47ff.

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