This post is part of a series. Part 2 can be found here. The above chart 60 sec trading strategy generated in Python.

In this tutorial I’ll walk through implementing and graphing a simple strategy. In this tutorial I’ll walk through implementing and graphing a simple strategy. The tutorial should provide a framework that will allow coders to swap out code segments to include strategies and indicators of their preference. It’s meant more to model the beginnings of a customizable backtesting platform than a successful strategy.

I chose not to use Quantopian because I wanted the freedom to work outside of their framework, but everything I’ve done thus far could likely be done in Quantopian with ease. Creating a separate class to run these strategies allows you to swap and compare algorithms easily. The details of that class are discussed later. 2012, 9, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0, pytz.

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2016, 1, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0, pytz. 0 for t in perf_trans. It also serves as a good place to store any variables you want to be local to the algorithm. As soon as the RSI hits 50, the algorithm closes whichever position is took and moves to cash. The biggest flaw of the strategy is that it doesn’t recognize when the security has re-entered the overbought or oversold regions. You’ll notice it takes its biggest losses when the RSI re-enters those regions before hitting 50. A simple solution for this would be to move to cash if the the RSI enters into an extreme region while a position is open.

Since this algorithm is meant to be more demonstrative than actionable, adding in this extra layers would really just serve to make the code more confusing and uninterpretable. The second chunk takes a position if the security has moved out of an extreme, or moves to cash if the RSI has settled back to 50. This function is used to report and plot the results of the algorithm. The three paned image shown at the top of the post was created here. Keith, thank you for sharing, very informative. Have been looking for zip line examples. I’m sure I can spring board from this example for my own strategies.

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