Option Greeks is a difficult topic. Not because the concepts are difficult, but because people tend to either be scared of them and try and avoid thinking 5 decimal binary options trading strategy them, or they get so bogged down in the mathematical modelling aspects that they end up with analysis paralysis and stop trading.

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Option Greeks are not scary spartans, but are just measuring tools, like inches, kilogrammes and mpg. The Greeks that you use depends entirely on the type of trading that you do. Greeks are no more an exact science than any economic indicator. Therefore, you do not need to worry about the fourth decimal point. You need to be looking at broad trends, not minute details.

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The sixth, Rho, has almost no relevance for active traders. When choosing options, you want to find those with a reasonably high delta, so that as the stock moves, the option will rapidly follow suit. If you trade DITM options, you maximise the leverage of DELTA. Or, you can choose to trade combinations of options that are called DELTA NEUTRAL. GAMMA helps a trader measure risk, because a high Gamma means that an option’s Delta is very sensitive to change. GAMMA is really only useful for those who trade Delta Neutral options — if Gamma is high, it means that the stability of your trade could change any time, and so you need to monitor your position closely. 50 every day until the contract expires.

The closer you are to expiration, the more the THETA grows — the price of the option decreases at an increasing rate over time. If THETA is high, you must plan to not hold on to the option for too long! TIME DECAY will eat up the profits made from an increase in the stock price. Selling Options with high Theta means that you will be able to watch the value of an option decrease rapidly, and become almost valueless, at which point you can buy the option back for next to nothing, and sell another one.