Amazon’s Website Evaluation  By Abdulla Riffath This Assignment attempts to analyze the Amazon. Amazon’s Website Evaluation  By Abdulla Riffath This Assignment attempts to analyze the Amazon. Additionally, this assignment focuses 5 amazon binary options strategy the sources of competitive advantage of amazon. Search this Blog’ : this.

This Assignment attempts to analyze the Amazon. Jakob Nielsen and various theories of other scholars related to e-commerce and e-business analysis. The e-commerce and Internet services industry includes companies that sell goods or services online, including information products and information retrieval services. Internet-based retail operations have the advantage of easily functioning on an international level. This assignment is focused on Amazon.

Additionally, this assignment is shared in to two sections. This part focus on home-page of Amazon. Search Engine Legal and Ethical Issues. Moreover Jakob Neilson’s web usability guidelines was used to evaluate and analyzing the Amazon. Corporate homepages are the most valuable real estate in the world and website is the face of a company to the whole world. Hence, the company must keep updating the homepage and exhibit the company information in order to increase the value, profitability, trust and stakeholder’s attractions to the company.

Moreover, many scholars focusing on web site qualities that are usually interested in issues of usability attributes of web sites. On the other hand, Nielsen argued that Amazon. Rather than force the customer to scroll down the page to see more information, Sharper Image home page fits nearly all of its content and images within one screen. Now, people will go to three screens before they stop scrolling. Furthermore, text navigation bar can also reduce the loading time of a page. On the other hand, text navigation bar can be boring, since there is not any interaction or visual appeal to the visitors. There are various page layout elements to enhance the webpage.

These elements involves colour, text, style, page size, graphics and consistency. On the other hand, Nielsen argued that user may not like to scroll up and down to view the long pages. In its privacy policy, the A9. Indeed, author selected various business models and strategy that Amazon. Finally yet importantly, the author has drawn the conclusion and recommendations that must be focusing by VG Jones when they are redesigning their website. 5 million customers visited to its website. Amazon wanted to leverage its large customer base and encourage them to become buyers or sellers on its auction service.

This model provides purchase opportunities wherever people may be surfing. On the other hand, Amazon. Item, after that if the user visits an associate of Amazon. Broker charges a commission for each transaction that has taken palce.

In e-business content of use, web designing, usability, navigation, search engine and page layout of web page is the most crucial part to enhance a competitive position. VG Jones to pay particular attention to these features while designing the web page. Competing in book Retailing:The case of Amazon. Anastasios Tombros, Ian Ruthven, Joemon M. Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology. Top ten guidelines for homepage usability’.

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