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I own and used to actively operate the website www. ESMA Call for evidence Potential product intervention measures on contracts for differences and binary options to retail clients. Interested parties are invited to comment on the potential changes to the regulation of the CFDs and binary options markets. ETX Capital Review ETX Capital is a UK company based in Broadgate in the financial centre of London. The Financial Conduct Authority of the UK regulates ETX Capital. EZTrader Dismisses Auditors EZTrader woes continue as the company dismisses Ziv Haft, the Certified Public Accountants based in Israel, and a BDO member firm.

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EZTrader dismisses auditors is the latest announcement filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission smacks of a wounded animal impotently lashing out in its death throes. Brexit chaos calms and Summer holidays rule the roost. 35tr in August as the Brexit after shocks dissipated and the Summer holidays held sway. Focus on Bank of England Monetary Policy Binary. Daily Financial Review September 15th 2016 Morning Report: 09. 00 London Markets will be eyeing the Bank of England closely today, with the MPC set to release the latest guidance on interest rates.

No change is expected, so the real attention will be on forward economic projections. Markets Eye UK Employment Binary. Daily Financial Review September 14th 2016 Morning Report: 09. 00 London This morning, the British pound is slightly higher after heavy selling yesterday.